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Diesel motors have EVOLVED. The new generation Diesel motors,  thanks to their systems equipped with high BOSCH technology have made REVOLUTION. Just at that point it is only possible checking, troubleshooting and testing of the new generation Diesel systems with the new generation test equipments in order to catch revolution with the revolution.

For this reason, the diesel services having this equipment are called DIESEL CENTERS in Turkey and in the World. We are one of the Pioneer firms having the title of the first DIESEL CENTER in the year 2003 during which this formation had been started to be practiced in Turkey, we have been contributing to the Diesels.


Our Services

Diesel motors of which use are increasing in our world day by day, have been produced and used in every field and size, for that reason the motor vehicle producer firms have been demanding Diesel fuel systems and motor running systems operating at minimum position of the emission level, noiseless fuel economy, performance and comfort for the Diesel motor.    BOSCH has been producing as advanced technology products the diesel fuel and motor running systems directed towards the demands continuously on increase and applying on the motor vehicles. The Diesel fuel systems that are mentioned and demanded on the vehicles with Diesel motor these days become possible only with the integration of EDC Electronic Diesel Control system. The basic structure of EDC control systems is the same both at the autos and at the commercial vehicles, and the additional functions have differences along with the integrated equipment and/or software items to the system.    

For the reason of this,  regarding the motors, the areas of use of the Diesel fuel and EDC systems are not limited with only automobiles and light/heavy duty vehicles but it is possible to see them in the other areas of use as well.

For example;

  • Constant Diesel motors e.g., the generators that will switch on when the electricity cut
  • Agricultural machinery e.g., tractors, harvesters etc.
  • Heavy construction machines  e.g.  Excavator,  loader, bulldozer etc construction machines
  • Railway carriage vehicles  e.g., mototrains, locomotives
  • Naval vessels; from small boats to big vessel


It is inevitable that the mentioned systems break down due to various reasons during their running periods. The high technology product BOSCH Diesel systems that break down, are tested and repaired with the high technology BOSCH apparatus. Our firm gives service from troubleshooting with diagnosis to the repairing with the ORIGINAL SPARE PARTS, repairing and setting all kinds of Diesel fuel pumps by its Diesel experts and the authorized technicians checking using modern test and measuring Equipments.  

  • Diagnosis and troubleshooting of the Diesel systems on the vehicle
  • Common Rail system.
  • Common Rail INJECTOR  
  • Rank Type of Diesel fuel pumps.
  • Star Type of Diesel fuel pumps.
  • EDC fuel pumps.
  • ZEXEL Diesel fuel pumps.
  • Complete Injector.
  • VP 44  VP 29/30 Radial Piston Diesel fuel pumps.
  • Unit Injection systems.      

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